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Why Should You Be Aware Of EWC And SIC Codes?

April 14, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

The most recent instalment of our series on waste transfer notes discusses EWC and SIC codes. To summarise, WTNs are a legal
necessity that assists the government in tracking the movement of waste and so reducing fly-tipping and other unsavoury behaviours.
While EWC and SIC codes are critical components of a waste transfer letter, not everyone is fully conversant with them. Bear with us, and
we’ll inform you at CKB Skip Hire.

How Is an EWC Code Defined?

To begin with, it’s critical to establish a baseline, as we frequently witness people becoming perplexed while renting a skip. European
Waste Catalogue Codes are abbreviations for European Waste Catalogue Codes, and they are reflected in UK legislation through the List
of Waste laws. What we’re attempting to convey is that an EWC and a LOW code are synonymous. It’s a list of abbreviated descriptions
that categorise waste, allowing readers to quickly identify the sort of waste. Consider it a shortcut to assisting officials in determining the
kind of your waste and thus where it should be disposed of.

For many businesses, an EWC is unfamiliar territory, which is understandable given the 650 codes grouped into 20 chapters, each of
which comprises subcategories. It’s simple to find the appropriate EWC code online since many websites have tools that allow you to
simply begin inputting the type of waste and they’ll return the appropriate code for you.

On the other hand, it may involve some detective work on your part ” but at CKB Skip Hire, we’ll require it to complete the waste transfer
notice before we can collect your rubbish, and we’re far from alone! The good news is that it’s usually not difficult to locate ” the entire
system has been designed to make it as simple as possible for users, so unless you have a really uncommon form of waste product
(which is highly improbable), you should have little difficulty complying with the EWC Code.

What Is a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 2007 Code?

The abbreviation SIC refers to the Standard Industrial Classification. Consider this: an EWC code assists officials in identifying your
waste, but a SIC 2007 code assists them in identifying your firm. This enables them to determine the type of commercial activity that
generated the trash, which can ultimately inform a variety of decisions, such as new government legislation. (SIC codes have a variety of
other applications, but in the skip hire company, we’re mostly concerned with waste processing.)

If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, I have no idea what my SIC code is,” have no fear! Few people do, which is why Companies House
maintains a search database to assist you in locating yours. You may be shocked at how exact it becomes, so start by typing in your trade
and then refining it until you arrive at your very own SIC 2007 code.

Is This Equipment Required To Hire A Skip?

They are required to complete a waste transfer note, which is a required component of the skip hire process. Essentially, it’s a legal
document that verifies that we’re both performing our duties properly”us by properly disposing of your waste, and you by formally
transferring it to us.

CKB Skip Hire is all about responsibility. We treat your waste to ensure that nothing goes to waste, which saves you money on avoidable
disposal. That is excellent news for everyone! Click here for other reasons to choose us, or go directly to our webpage to enter your
information and begin the skip hire process today.

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