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Why Is the Waste Hierarchy Significant?

April 22, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

You may have heard the term “waste hierarchy” before, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. Essentially, it is a philosophy
that the best way to deal with waste is to organise our priorities in such a way that we generate less of it in the first place. This sounds like
sound reasoning to us at CKB Skip Hire!Consider the following in greater depth.

How Is the Waste Hierarchy Defined?

If you’ve ever considered hiring a skip, you’re likely to be familiar with the trash hierarchy. The entire concept is based on the concept of
resource efficiency; it is one of the aims of the present EU Waste Framework Directive, which the UK is still subject to, and it influences
our own waste legislation and regulations. Although the precise words and phrases vary per country, the following are the basic concepts:

Avoidance and Mitigation

We’re starting at the top; this is the waste hierarchy’s highest priority. The simplest method to deal with trash is to have less of it (or even
none), which is why using less material is critical to finally reducing waste. Plastic bags are an excellent example, and as a nation, we’ve
lately significantly reduced the amount of plastic we waste by refusing to pick one up at the store.


Where reducing waste in the first place is not practical, the next best alternative is to reuse what we already have. To continue with the
plastic bag example, this means that even if we do have to purchase a new one, reusing it as many times as possible before it breaks can
still significantly reduce trash production. Another example is cardboard boxes, as are milk bottles, plastic water bottles, and ink cartridges
” the list goes on!


If you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you’ll already know how enthusiastic we are about recycling here at CKB Skip Hire. Regardless
of how amazing recycling is, it is still merely making the most of a terrible situation by addressing existing garbage. If we can avoid
producing it entirely, that is still a vastly preferable choice!

Energy recuperation

To be honest, this is primarily a nice way of discussing burning stuff. And, while this isn’t miraculous, it isn’t the worst thing in the world
either”we’ve advanced far enough technologically that we’ve developed methods for harvesting energy from the process, which is what
the word “energy recovery” refers to.


The third, and least desirable, choice is a single phrase that roughly translates as “landfill.” While we’ve previously demonstrated that
modern landfills are more than just filthy giant holes in the ground”they occasionally overlap with energy recovery systems”burying our
waste is still not the best option, and we’re doing everything we can to avoid it.

How Does CKB Skip Hire Maintain Respect For The Waste Hierarchy?

Efficiency and environmental stewardship are two of our guiding values at CKB Skip Hire. We sift and reuse everything we gather in our
skips, only disposing of it as a last resort”in keeping with the waste hierarchy idea.

That means that when you hire a skip from us, you can rest assured that your rubbish will be handled responsibly.Simply input your
postcode and contact information on our website to begin renting a skip immediately!

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