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Why Is Fly Tipping A Controversial Practice?

March 8, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Fly tipping is the polar opposite of ethical skip hire, and it is a rising concern in the UK.However, despite the harm it poses to human,
environmental, and animal health, it receives scant mainstream newspaper coverage in comparison to other prominent news stories,
which means that for many of us, it is a deeply unappreciated problem.

How is fly tipping performed?

Essentially, fly tipping is a rather broad term that refers to rubbish that has been illegally dumped. It can be liquid or solid (or, in all-too-
frequent circumstances, a mixture of the two), and its quantity can fluctuate. In many cases, this is what occurs when individuals decide
they cannot be bothered to hire a skip. Occasionally, it may be as little as one bin bag, but in the majority of cases, it is significantly more.
For the 2015/16 fiscal year, over a third of all fly tipping events involved amounts equivalent to a “small van-load.” That equates to at least
two or three full-sized home bins being dumped in our rural areas and country lanes!

What makes fly tipping such a heinous crime is that these spills virtually never occur accidentally. They are far more frequently the
outcome of pre-planned and deliberate efforts to divert garbage away from the source (whether domestic or corporate) and effectively
transfer it to someone else’s concern. Occasionally, this is due to laziness, but for larger incidents, it is frequently due to financial
considerations ” people would rather dump their trash than pay for skip hire.

Why Is Fly Tipping Such A Serious Problem?

We imagine that we do not need to go into great depth regarding the most obvious reasons why fly tipping is such a major issue in the
United Kingdom. Those in the waste management sector ” including us! ” are continually looking for new ways to manage existing
garbage and minimise the dangers to human, animal, and environmental health. That is why we have a plethora of laws and regulations
governing how we responsibly manage your waste when you rent a skip from us.

Throwing it in the street or countryside, on the other hand, negates all of this.It puts local creatures and animals at risk of choking or
becoming entangled in plastic items, and the gases or toxins from dangerous substances can constitute a major and immediate threat to
human health. Again, this is why CKB Skip Hire has so many guidelines for properly disposing of hazardous materials!

Areas that see recurrent incidences of fly-tipping may also suffer from a loss of reputation. Not only may it degrade once magnificent
vistas, but it can also affect local property values and local businesses as a result of visitors’ staying away.

What is being accomplished?

At the moment, the government is studying a variety of options for addressing this growing problem. Fly-tipping cases have climbed by
27% in the last two years, costing our country well over £85 million each year to clean up ” and sometimes more than double that

Local governments and authorities dealt with approximately 930,000 fly-tipping occurrences in 2015/16; regrettably, this figure is close to
a million. Currently, fly-tipping is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £50,000 or a year in prison. This penalty may be
increased to an unlimited fine or five years in prison in Crown Court. As previously stated, the administration appears to be exploring
modifications to this system, although no actual changes have been proposed.

The issue of fly tipping highlights the critical nature of appropriate garbage disposal and also serves as a sharp reminder of why, when
you have items to dispose of, leasing a skip is always the best alternative. Our environmental and green activities are not a side note-they
are core to our mission and a critical component of how we conduct business.

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