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Why choose us for skip hire for your business?

March 28, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Perhaps you’re renovating your office. Perhaps you work in a trade where skip hire is a weekly occurrence. Whatever the situation, if your
business generates a significant amount of rubbish, CKB Skip Hire may be the best option for you. Continue reading to learn about the
advantages of hiring a skip from us.

We have a good reputation.

CKB Skip Hire is a nationwide network of respectable and trustworthy businesses. We work with only the best skip hire companies, and
all garbage is recycled or disposed of at an authorised treatment facility in accordance with current environmental rules, so you can be
assured that your business will not fall foul of any unscrupulous sellers.

We are environmentally conscious.

Recycling Lives”the company that owns and operates CKB Skip Hire”is a Queen’s Award-winning commercial recycler renowned for its
innovative waste management procedures. At our facilities, we recycle up to 100 percent of waste and are constantly looking for new and
innovative ways to reduce landfill and emissions.Our operations are totally transparent, allowing you to be completely accountable for
your business.

We provide superior customer service.

CKB Skip Hire’s crew is always willing to assist. From our simple website to our knowledgeable customer service representatives, we
make hiring a skip for your business as simple as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at 0300 100 0028.

It is a pleasure to work with us.

To hire a skip from CKB Skip Hire, simply log on to our simple and easy-to-use website and complete a few details. Simply provide your
postcode and phone number and we’ll take care of the rest”without any trouble, hassle, or mess.

We are proud to support a fantastic UK charity.

CKB Skip Hire is a member of the Recycling Lives group of companies. Profits from each booking contribute to the sustainability of the
Recycling Lives social welfare nonprofit, which assists marginalised people in obtaining housing, training, and jobs. Not only do we
financially support the organisation, but our work also provides placements and training possibilities for those who are unemployed and
seeking a new start in life. Isn’t that something you’d be happy to support as a business?

Skip Rental For Commercial Use

We know what we’re doing at CKB Skip Hire since we provide business recycling and garbage management services to some very
significant industry brands.

From Recycling Rate Reports to Corporate Social Responsibility, we provide our customers with the complete package, ensuring that
their waste disposal practises adhere to the most stringent environmental regulations.

Hiring a skip from CKB Skip Hire benefits your business’s CSR and has a positive influence on communities throughout the UK, not to
mention the environment.

Learn more about CKB Skip Hire or contact us to rent a skip today.

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