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Which skip should you use to clear your garden?

April 18, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Landscaping, yard clean-ups, and conservatory removal: there is a lot to do in your garden, and a lot of rubbish.

This week on the blog, we’re looking at the best skips for garden clearance and outdoor work ” we have a range of skip sizes available
at competitive costs, so take a look and decide which skip is suitable for you.

Garden clearance throughout the season

When the seasons change, so does your garden”there are numerous times during the year when your garden may benefit from a
thorough clean-up, whether it’s pruning hedges and shrubs, removing weeds and vines, or digging up turf to create room for new flower
beds or vegetable patches.

Our small skips are great for this type of garden clearance work”depending on the size of your garden and the scope of the job, we
normally propose the following:

Our 4-yard skip is excellent for most modest garden clearance tasks and is available for hire for as little as £70 for two weeks.

Our 6-yard skip hire is slightly larger and starts at just £90. It is great for garden and green garbage, as well as stones or debris.

8-yard skip hire: this large skip is ideal for larger garden clearance projects and is a popular skip hire option for customers wishing to
remove green trash, soil, and stones. Prices begin at £120.

Landscape design work

For more substantial yard work, including large amounts of soil, rubble, stones, and green waste, we offer a variety of landscaping skip
hire options. Unless the grounds of your property ” or the work being performed ” are especially large, our small-to-medium skips are
likely to be the best option:

Hire a 6-yard skip: Our 6-yard skip, which can contain up to four tonnes of soil and stone, starts at just £90 and is great for household
landscaping projects.

Our 8-yard skips are regularly leased by homeowners and professionals doing extensive garden landscaping work, with costs starting at

Our spacious 14-yard skips start at £160 for two weeks and are ideal for landscaping jobs involving huge amounts of rubbish, such as
soil, green waste, rubble, stones, concrete, flagstones, and breeze blocks.

Construction and destruction of conservatories and orangeries

Skip hire is a necessary component of any conservatory or orangery construction or demolition job; there is ground preparation to be
done, space to be cleared, and any waste glass or wood to be disposed of.

Our skip hire service is suitable for any non-hazardous garbage, so choose a large skip for this project and we’ll manage the mixed
rubbish in accordance with our 100 percent recycling aims.

Our 8-yard skips start at only £120 and are suitable for conservatory construction projects that require minimal site preparation and a
small amount of building trash.

Our 14-yard skips are great for small-medium demolition projects and start at just £160 for two weeks. They are ideal for eliminating bulky
building and garden waste materials.

The 16-yard skip is the largest skip you’re likely to need for garden maintenance. The 16-yard skip starts at just £180 and is large enough
to handle enormous amounts of wood, soil, debris, construction and green trash; ideal for a total garden revamp.

Today, you can hire a skip for your garden clearance project with amazing costs, excellent recycling rates, and a large selection of skip
sizes to choose from.

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