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Which skip should I rent for house clearance?

March 31, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Using a skip or container for the first time can be perplexing. Which size do you require? What will the cost be? What are the
requirements for obtaining one? We comprehend.

On the CKB Skip Hire blog, we’re all about simplifying the process of hiring a skip. This week, we’re examining the types of skips required
for residential repairs”houses, sheds, garages, and gardens, to name a few!

What types of home chores can I do with a skip?

Simply put, almost any. If you’re remodelling a room or the entire house, clearing out prior to a relocation or following a bereavement, or
having your garden hauled over and landscaped, hiring a skip can be a cost-effective method to expedite the process ” far more so than
frequent journeys to the tip.

As long as you discard some or all of the following, you’re fine:

Quantity is also critical: by legislation, your filled skip must have a “level load”-that is, nothing should be higher than the container’s

Avoid overfilling”any reputable home skip hire firm will either charge you for another skip or ask you to remove the goods you’ve
delicately balanced ten feet above the ground!

Which skip sizes are most appropriate for residential use?

Our four-yard skip is the smallest size we provide (about three feet high and six feet long), and it’s ideal for single-room renovations such
as basic kitchen and Derbyroom remodelling. Our six- and eight-yard skips are an excellent solution for somewhat greater quantities of

Our 14-yard, 16-yard, and 20-yard skips are the next three sizes up, and unless you’re single-handedly taking down a house, you’re
unlikely to require a larger skip.

These last three sizes are popular with customers performing multiple room renovations simultaneously, huge house clearances, and
extensive garden and landscaping work, which may include a garage or wall.

Find out more about our skip sizes (with convenient pictures and dimensions).

How much does it cost to hire a household skip?

At CKB Skip Hire, we pride ourselves on being completely clear about our pricing. After all, who likes hidden extras?

While an exact quote will require you to speak with a member of our team, our domestic skip hire fees begin as follows:

For those prices, you receive a skip for two weeks (or longer if desired; pay £10 for each additional week), as well as drop-off, pickup, and
recycling or disposal of all waste items in compliance with current environmental rules.

That is all!

If you’re wanting to hire a skip, request an estimate online, call us now on 0300 100 0028, or email us at skiphire@ckbskiphire.org with
your requirements.

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