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What objects am I not permitted to place in a skip?

Hiring a skip is an essential component of any large-scale construction, landscaping, or restoration project, whether at home or at work.
It’s critical to understand what you can and cannot put in a skip. Skips are for non-hazardous garbage only, which is why we’ve prepared
this short guide to assist you understand what you can and cannot put in a skip before contacting us for a skip hiring estimate.

Why am I unable to place hazardous material in a skip?

Hazardous garbage disposal is a much trickier proposition than hiring a skip. If you’re disposing of hazardous waste, you’ll need a
specialised licence and containers designed for that type of garbage.

Clinical, medicinal, and biological waste, for example, require different handling than solvents and glues. All hazardous waste, however,
has one thing in common: it is dangerous to humans and the environment, which is why it cannot be thrown away.

What objects am I not permitted to place in a skip?

Air conditioning units



Clinical and medical waste, such as dressings and syringes

Electrical equipment and appliances (WEEE)

Fluorescent tubes

Fridges and freezers

Gas bottles and cylinders

Hazardous and toxic materials

Liquids are liquids.


Paint or paint tins.




Contaminated waste

TVs or computer screens


What items can I put in a skip?

The following items can be put in one of our skips:


Building rubble

Domestic waste, such as food and food packaging



Fittings (non-electrical)


Gas stoves

The core is tough.



Packaging, including cardboard, plastics, and polystyrene
Soil (not contaminated with asbestos or oil)

Solidified paint


While you can place scrap metal in any of our skips for hire, it’s worth calling us on 0300 100 0028 if you have a large amount of scrap
metal to dispose of. We may be able to drastically lower the cost of your skip hire quote for loads consisting mostly or totally of scrap
metal, so speak to one of our customer service representatives now for more information.

Do you have an item that is not included on the list? Kindly contact us.

If you need to dispose of items that are not listed above and are unsure if they can be placed in a skip, simply call us on 0300 100 0028.

Whether you’re renting a skip for personal or business use, you’re responsible for ensuring that the cargo does not contain any forbidden
materials. Mixing dangerous and non-hazardous rubbish is against the law, so always check what you’re throwing away before putting it in
the skip!

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