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We’re Throwing Away Gold: Electronic Waste Management

March 30, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

In the United Kingdom, the average person purchases three new electronic devices every year. That may not sound like much, but
consider that there were 64.1 million of us at the last count (in 2013). Give or take a few years, that equates to approximately 190 million
electronic devices purchased each year. Additionally, relatively few of them are recycled or disposed of appropriately. It’s not surprising
that electronic garbage is one of the world’s fastest growing waste streams.

What Is So Infuriating About It?

When renting a skip, a large portion of what goes into it is frequently electronic garbage. As you can imagine, each electrical gadget is
composed of thousands of tiny components, each of which serves a unique purpose. This intricate structure is what makes them so
difficult to dispose of. When left unchecked, many of these components emit harmful compounds, and because they are man-made,
electronic devices do not disintegrate in the same way that, say, food waste does. E-waste, on the other hand, cannot be simply burned
since it releases lead, cadmium, harmful dioxins, and furans into the atmosphere. (If you’re unsure of what some of those are, take our
word for it that you don’t want to breathe them.)

This level of toxicity is just one of the issues with e-waste and one of the primary reasons it cannot be processed in conventional recycling
operations”it not only harms the environment, but also the workers. There is an unfortunate trend among industrialised countries
(including, tragically, the UK) to ship e-waste to developing countries, which means that it is periodically handled and managed by
inexperienced employees, including children.

Electronic waste collected during skip hire is frequently transferred to purpose-built recycling plants to be recycled under regulated
conditions in European Union member states and other similarly advanced counterparts. This technique is more stringent than standard
recycling in order to protect workers and the surrounding region from dangerous substances.

You’ll be relieved to learn, though, that there are ways you can assist.

What Can You Do When Trying to Find New Residences?

At CKB Skip Hire, we believe that our electronic culture bears a great deal of responsibility for the continual inflow of e-waste. Some of us
are constantly enthralled by the latest phone, tablet, or gaming console. While there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, it can result
in a large number of goods in great functioning order being discarded for newer models. If you find yourself in this situation, you may find it
beneficial to know that your old laptop or Kindle has an infinite number of uses.

The first and most obvious option is to resell them. They may not fetch much. Avoid being turned off by cosmetic problems; you may
discover that, as long as you’re upfront about it, many consumers would happily pay a discounted laptop price even if the screen is broken
in spots. Additionally, accessories such as batteries, chargers, keyboards, and computer mice are available.

If you are unable to sell them or the cost is prohibitive, local organisations are constantly on the hunt for decent electronic equipment.
Computer Aid and Computers For Charities are wonderful examples of charities that can repurpose your devices.

What You Can Do: Properly Dispose of Waste

Batteries are an excellent example of electrical trash that can be recycled quite inexpensively. Along with specialised plants for this
purpose, many supermarkets (such as Asda) provide containers for you to dump your expended batteries, and they will handle the
shipping for you. Meanwhile, local recycling centres frequently take tiny electronic waste goods such as lightbulbs or can guide you to one
that does.

If your gadgets are irreversibly damaged, many manufacturers (such as Samsung and Dell, to name a few) make a point of recycling their
own items. It’s always worthwhile to double-check, just in case. At the very least, you will never be too far from facilities that can help you
recycle your e-waste properly.It’s recommended to avoid hiring a skip when disposing of heavier, more easily recyclable goods. After all,
e-waste imposes not only environmental costs but also occasionally personal ones.

CKB Skip Hire takes pride in being quick and economical, local and charitable, and environmentally conscious. Click here to book a skip
now, or read more about why you should choose us.

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