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Three simple steps to an eco-friendly Christmas this year:

March 20, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

As you’re undoubtedly well aware from a cursory peek at many of the headlines in 2018, eco-friendliness is a big topic. And as we
approach Christmas, many of us are already considering ways to minimise waste. There are numerous possible sources”Christmas
trees, gift wrap, and cards are just a few items that can do considerable damage to the environment if not properly disposed of. Of course,
the simplest technique to minimise holiday waste is straightforward; it all comes down to planning ahead. In this manner, when you book a
skip in the New Year, you may successfully minimise the amount of garbage you dispose of. With that in mind, here are our top eco-
friendly Christmas tips!

Choose an even more environmentally friendly Christmas tree.

As the festive season draws to a close and the New Year begins, we are usually faced with the same dilemma ” what to do with the
Christmas tree? There are numerous alternatives to responsibly disposing of your tree”learn how to arrange for collection and recycling
of your tree, or how to recycle it yourself.

However, it is critical to examine not only where your tree will end up, but also where it came from. If you want to ensure that your tree
was grown sustainably and without causing harm to the environment, look for the FSC-certified mark when shopping. Additionally, trees
certified by the Soil Association are assured to be pesticide-free and organic.

If you intend to keep the old, dependable artificial tree in the attic for another year, that’s fantastic! Don’t be concerned if it has taken a few
knocks or bumps during its time up there ” minor damage or breakages can usually be fixed. For instance, if your tree stand is broken, it
may be more cost-effective to source a replacement stand rather than a completely new tree. Alternatively, if you’re having difficulty with
one of the branches, take some of the components to a local DIY store to see if they can locate a replacement bracket or screw that will
assist in reattaching the broken branch.

Avoid needless stocking stuffers and instead give them something they’ll like!

While purchasing gifts for children is simple, adults frequently purchase items on their own. From this frequently arises the dilemma of
what to get someone who already has everything they need. Consumables are a smart bet. By purchasing something simple yet sweet,
such as “posh chocolates,” you can be certain that they will appreciate it and that there will be no leftovers! In this manner, both parties
avoid the scenario of low-cost, largely plastic items with limited utility.

Alternatively, why not get creative and make a handcrafted gift? Not only will a homemade gift save you money, but it will also carry more
sentiment, and you may tailor it to your loved one’s preferences. Being crafty and creative can also help you become a better
environmental steward, as it is now easier than ever to acquire recycled craft products online.

Additionally, Christmas Gift Cheques are an excellent option. Rather than investing in actual possessions, offering Christmas Gift
Cheques allows you to give the gift of your time. Your cheque may be redeemable for a fun day out, a home-cooked romantic supper, or
a short trip away with your family.

Resolving the gift wrap dilemma

Gift wrapping is a notoriously difficult task, made all the more difficult by the fact that there is always so much of it to deal with. One of the
primary issues with it is that it is frequently built from synthetic materials, making certain versions nearly impossible to recycle. While
some cities accept wrapping paper in household recycling bins, some do not, and those that do may have restrictions on the type of paper
accepted. Therefore, it is critical to verify with your local council before committing your excess gift wrap to the recycling bin. Wrapping
paper, for example, cannot be recycled if it contains non-paper additions such as dye, lamination, foil, glitter, or plastic. Paper that is more
straightforward and passes the “scrunch test” is more likely to be approved.

To save yourself the hassle of determining whether papers are recyclable while shopping for gift wrap, why not fully replace them with
something more sustainable? Utilizing newspaper and magazine pages is an excellent alternative, and these materials may be recycled
directly from your own recycling bin. Alternatively, for something entirely unique, you may attempt scarf folding. By wrapping your gifts in
scarves, you’ll be presenting two gifts in one, and each item will appear distinctive, gorgeous, and bright beneath the Christmas tree!

Adopting even one or two of these recommendations will significantly reduce the amount of rubbish left over after Christmas, and we at
CKB Skip Hire are always delighted to assist with anything that remains! It only takes a few minutes to obtain an immediate online skip
hiring quote. Simply input your postcode on our homepage to find out what yours is, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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