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The Most Simple Ways to Reduce Christmas Waste

April 21, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Christmas is well-known as an indulgent season, and with reason! If you can’t indulge guilt-free in turkey and chocolates on Christmas
Day, when can you? (although probably not concurrently.) Having said that, there is no doubt that if we are not attentive, we can all end
up producing significantly more garbage during the Christmas season. However, before you begin the process of hiring a skip, we have a
few tips. This week on the CKB Skip Hire blog, we’ve spent some time determining the simplest ways to reduce this waste, leaving both
you and the environment with less to deal with after it’s all said and done!

When Shopping, Plan Ahead!

We’re all familiar with the term “Christmas list,” but sometimes that list might get longer and longer during the day. This is partly due to the
abundance of small gadgets and novelty pieces that come up in front of our faces more frequently than at any other time of year;
magnets, bookmarks, and keyrings that we never intended to purchase but end up with anyhow. And, let’s face it, much of it is quickly
forgotten after Christmas or is never appreciated as much as we would like. Adhere to the all-knowing list and prevent impulse purchases
unless they are substantial enough to justify the expense.

Consider Taking A Cost-Effective Approach To Christmas Wrapping.

It’s also worthwhile to use caution while selecting your Christmas wrapping. Numerous wrapping sheets contain some form of foil or
metallic element, which prevents them from being recycled correctly. Wrapping gifts entirely in paper or, even better, totally recycled
paper, is unquestionably superior and has a lower environmental impact. Meanwhile, other alternatives to “green” wrapping paper include
Sunday comics from major newspapers, which have the added benefit of being extremely eccentric and memorable. Furthermore, if
possible, reuse ribbons, bows, and boxes!

When The Great Day Has Passed

Before we continue, we want to emphasise that you should not discard your Christmas trees! Numerous local governments offer some
type of Christmas tree recycling programme, so take a look before immediately tossing it in the trash. By the same token, before
discarding your Christmas decorations, consider whether they might be used by someone else. Unless they’re in particularly bad shape,
the likelihood is that the answer is yes! Additionally, you can find a new home for unwanted furniture, which is frequently appreciated by
those in need during this time of year.

Of course, if you’ve exhausted all other options, you may always hire a skip to dispose of the most difficult waste. We’re right there
alongside you”at CKB Skip Hire, we’re committed to making the procedure as simple and straightforward as possible. And that is only
the beginning! Additionally, we practise what we preach: we are completely devoted to our environmental projects and will recycle as
much rubbish as possible. Simply ensure that you select the appropriate size skip for the job!

It’s simple to get started-simply visit our homepage and enter your postcode and phone number to view an instant skip hiring price.

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