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The four most important reasons why contractors choose CKB Skip Hire

For many tradespeople in the UK, waste is an everyday occurrence on the job, especially if they work in construction or a related field.
Building rubble and bricks, as well as timber and soil, might be generated as a result of the work. On every project, some tradespeople
simply hire a skip from the local supplier, but this isn’t always the most convenient alternative. It’s also not always the cheapest! Here at
CKB Skip Hire, we’re committed to making the entire process as simple, straightforward, and cost-effective as possible. Here are the four
key reasons why so many professionals have already chosen us.

1) and 2))-Saves you time and effort while also getting you the best deal.

When you’re working on multiple different sites over the course of a year, having to identify and acquire a skip from a local supplier each
time can be a real pain. There’s also the fact that skip hire fees vary depending on where you are in the country, making it difficult to
determine if you’re getting the best deal. Researching the nearest local vendors and weighing their pricing individually might take a lot of
time and effort, and you probably already have enough on your plate without adding to it.

Our service is meant to save you a lot of time and effort in this situation. There’s no need to call around to various local vendors; simply
input your postcode into the homepage of our website, and you’ll have a fast online quote in no time. We’ll not only connect you with our
closest local partner for optimal convenience, but we’ll also make sure you receive the best deal, regardless of where you are.

3) Choose from the widest range of skip sizes available.

Almost every provider will offer at least three or four skip sizes, including the notably adaptable builder’s skip.However, if a certain
supplier is currently experiencing strong demand, you may have a very restricted range of skip sizes to choose from, which can result in
frustrating delays on the job if you can’t get the one you need.

Our service at CKB Skip Hire is designed to allow you to do things the other way around. Rather than having to pick the best option from
a limited selection, we provide you with access to a wide range of skip sizes. Once you’ve decided on one, we’ll look through our network
of partners to determine which ones are best suited to deliver it. This makes it much easier to obtain the specific type of skip you require
for the task, saving you time that you would have otherwise spent sitting in front of the computer or waiting on hold while calling around.

We can arrange for the collection of any type of rubbish, including skip bags, confidential waste, and even a man-in-a-van if required. You
can rely on us to help you get the job done, whether you need to hire a skip or another sort of rubbish container.

4) You can be confident that your waste will be properly disposed of.

We don’t simply collect rubbish; we also recycle it as efficiently as possible, giving you piece of mind that you’ve met your environmental
responsibilities. The construction industry is a special emphasis for us, as it is estimated that it generates a third of all garbage collected in
landfills. Furthermore, in the UK, between 10% and 15% of construction products are transferred to landfill without ever being used on

Our goal is to deliver a green, ethical service that eliminates waste like this. In fact, our long-term goal is to recycle 100% of the waste we

And there’s one more perk for you: when you book a skip with us, you’ll also be helping a good cause! That’s all thanks to our affiliation
with Recycling Lives, a national organisation known for its outstanding work in assisting vulnerable people in the UK find long-term

Here at CKB Skip Hire, we’re delighted to be a part of that mission. We donate time and resources to the Recycling Lives charity, which
trains and employs ex-offenders and formerly homeless individuals.

On the Recycling Lives website, you can learn more about how we assist social concerns. Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry to book a skip,
simply browse to our webpage and input your postcode to get started. It couldn’t be much easier!

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