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The figures are in: how did the UK fare in terms of recycling in 2018?

March 21, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

The UK government issued national figures on garbage processing in 2018 just a few weeks ago. As with most sets of numbers, they are
open to interpretation to some level, but there were some very evident trends forming. We’ve summarised the numbers below to save you
the hassle of wading through them. They may be worth considering the next time you hire a skip!

We are burning a greater proportion of our garbage.

One of the report’s primary findings is that an increasing amount of our home waste is being transferred to incinerators and similar
facilities. In particular, the amount of waste we burned increased by 6.5 percent in 2018, totaling 10.8 million tonnes.Therefore, why is this
occurring? That has a lot to do with the fact that new incinerator plants are a significantly cheaper option than traditional landfills for local

Now, there are some proponents of waste burning, as it can provide a significant quantity of energy. The primary issue is the pollution that
frequently results. According to research conducted by the UK Without Incineration Network, our incinerator facilities collectively produce
the same amount of air pollution as 250,000 lorries (that’s a quarter of a million heavy goods vehicles, to put it in context).

Our recycling rates continue to decline.

To be fair, Britons can pat themselves on the back for making significant improvements in recent years in terms of recycling rates. In
2000, the nationwide rate of household recycling was just 11%. By 2018, the percentage had risen to 44.8%.It’s not awful, but we’re still
short of our aim of 50%. Indeed, our recycling rates appear to be declining slightly once more, alarming governments and
environmentalists. The message is obvious: we must step up our game again if we are to meet our nation’s sustainable development
goals. There are, nevertheless, some silver linings…

To begin with, we generate less waste.

and a sizable sum at that. Households in the United Kingdom produced 1.5 percent less waste in 2018 than the previous year.If you’re
keeping track, that works out to around 9 kg per person per day ” pretty bad! Analysts aren’t certain why, but they have a feeling that it
has something to do with digital media. People are buying fewer DVDs as a result of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime,
while services like Spotify may be to blame for the decline in CD sales. Additionally, there is some evidence that British manufacturers
and retailers are making progress toward our goal of reducing superfluous packaging, though you don’t need us to remind you that we still
have a long way to go!

Whether you believe this is all bad news or are more positive about our development, everyone can agree on one thing: the statistics
have demonstrated that individual effort may indeed make all the difference. That is certainly our position at CKB Skip Hire.
Environmental and sustainability efforts are extremely important to us, which is why we go to great measures to recycle as much waste as
possible. And that means that when you book a skip with us, you can be confident that everything will be disposed of responsibly.

You may learn more about why you should pick us, or simply visit our homepage to obtain a quick skip-hiring quote today!

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