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The Big Picture: How Long Does It Take For Our Waste To Degrade?

April 15, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

CKB Skip Hire is committed to appropriate trash management, and for many, hiring a skip is the initial step toward implementing that
procedure. We thought we’d take a brief look at the time required for some often discarded objects to degrade ” we discovered that with
a little context, some rather intriguing timings were involved!

Approximately Fifteen Years

You believed we would begin modestly, didn’t you? Regrettably, we are! However, under the appropriate conditions, certain items
disintegrate in less than a year. Train tickets, cotton gloves, cardboard, thread, and rope all disintegrate in around a year. However,
plywood and wool clothes take between one and five years to degrade, whereas timber, painted board, and even cigarettes take between
fifteen and twenty years to decay.

To put this in context, Elizabeth the Second’s Golden Jubilee occurred fifteen years ago in the United Kingdom. It’s an apt analogy, given
that Elizabeth recently celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee, marking 65 years on the reign.

Between twenty and one hundred years

Certain unexpectedly everyday products can take decades to disintegrate completely. When renting a skip, some of the first items that go
in it are old, smelly garments that are unsuitable for charity shops. Unfortunately, leather shoes and nylon clothing degrade between 25
and 40 years, whereas tin cans and foamed plastic cups degrade in less than a half-century. Rubber-soled boots can last up to 80 years.

To provide context: 40 years ago ” roughly the same amount of time it takes for leather shoes and nylon clothing to disintegrate ”
Queen’s single We Are The Champions was released for the first time (the band, by the way, not the monarch). It’s even more unsettling
after 50 years Because 1967 was the year the Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. A tin can discarded on that
day would have only recently disintegrated completely!

Approximately 500 years

This is the point at which things become a little frightening. A simple battery can degrade over a hundred years ” and that is at the low
end of this specific range. An aluminium can takes roughly double that amount of time, at 200 years, but a hairspray bottle takes the bare
minimum of that period of time. Sanitary pads, children’s diapers, and plastic bags can all take at least 500 years to decompose, and as
much as 800 to 1000 years. That is an incredible length of time!

To provide context: This year marks the centennial of the outbreak of war; it would become the largest worldwide battle the world has
ever seen. Two centuries ago ” roughly the time required for an aluminium can to disintegrate ” John Quincy Adams was appointed
Secretary of State of the United States. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, a hypothetical plastic bag discarded during the reign of James
the 1st is only now beginning to deteriorate.

More than 500 years

Before we discuss glass bottles, it’s probably worth noting that they’re really easy to recycle, given that they’re primarily composed of
sand. However, if they are not properly recycled, they can persist for between a million and two million years. Because styrofoam and
tinfoil do not biodegrade, they deserve special consideration when renting a skip for garbage disposal.

To put this in context, we have literally developed in the time it takes a glass bottle to disintegrate. A million years ago, there were fewer
than 30,000 humans on the globe. Who knows, abandoned glass bottles discarded carelessly today may bear witness to entirely new
stages of human evolution. Recycling, on the other hand, appears to be a considerably more beneficial use for them, doesn’t it?

CKB Skip Hire is a company that is completely committed to environmental reasons. We make every effort to recycle as much of your
waste as possible; some of our partners recycle up to 100% of their waste.too shabby, if we may say so! You can click here to read some
further reasons why you should choose us, or you can go directly to our webpage and enter your postcode to begin booking a skip right

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