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Skip Hire Done Right:Think about the following:

March 1, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

When hiring a skip, there are a few points to consider. While you’re certainly already familiar with most of them, it’s always important to
remind yourself of the critical points ” missing something can rapidly result in a lot of trouble later on!

What Are Your Plans for Your Skip?

It may seem elementary, but you’d be astonished at how many people overlook this step! It is not simply a matter of space; it is also a
matter of permission. Ideally, you should own the ground on which the skip will be placed. If you’ve been eyeing that grassy area a few
yards in front of your front door, dot your I’s and cross your T’s by ascertaining that it is indeed your property. If not, your neighbour may
have an opinion! Your driveway is an excellent location for your skip, as you undoubtedly own the land. (At this point, it’s also a good idea
to check that you have unobstructed access to it and can return and forth without obstructing anyone.) If you lack the space on private
land, all is not lost-you will only require approval from the council.

Is the right size skip being used for the job?

Size does matter when it comes to skip hire. You’ll require a varied size skip depending on the task ” there’s nothing worse than running
out of room in the middle of a job and still having rubbish to dispose of. For minor house removals, such as kitchen or Derbyroom
renovations, our 4 to 6 yard skips would typically suffice. As a result, larger or more industrial jobs will almost certainly require a larger
skip. However, fear not ” we’ve included additional information on our various skip sizes here, as well as some advice on the types of
jobs that each one is suitable for.

Is your skip too tall?

This is something to consider both before the job begins and as it progresses. If your skip is stacked excessively high, it will become
unstable and unsafe. (It is also forbidden for these reasons, which is worth remembering!) This also implies that we are unable to take it,
which creates practical difficulties for both of us. When in doubt, it’s usually prudent to scale up when renting a skip”just to be cautious.
As an extreme example, we previously discussed the person in South Wales who precariously balanced their intact caravan on top of
their skip. In case you’re curious, the skip-hiring business did not pick it up.

What Is Being Dumped In Your Skip?

There are numerous items that you can place in your skip, but there are also those that you cannot. This mostly refers to hazardous
products, and while you may be able to deduce this from context, we’ve already released this helpful list to assist you. Consider recycling
as well, and what items you can keep. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but you may also be able to earn some money from
it. For instance, a new company may be willing to compensate you for an unbroken office chair that you were about to discard. You are
aware of the adage “squander not”?

When it comes to skip hire, CKB Skip Hire are the folks you want on your side. Request a quick quote today for a simple, hassle-free
service”all we want are a few basic facts from you and we’re off!

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