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Six recycling errors you may be making

April 27, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Sustainability and recycling are two of CKB Skip Hire’s primary objectives. Indeed, it is one of the primary reasons clients pick us when
the time comes to hire a skip; we recycle as much rubbish as possible and even have our own specialised processing facilities on-site.
Now that we’ve recently discussed the issue of widespread recycling misinformation, we thought the obvious next step would be to
highlight some of the most prevalent myths about various recycled materials.

Three sorts of products that are nearly never recyclable

When it comes to recycling, there is a particular school of thought among many of us: when unsure if an item can be recycled, many
individuals will just place it in their best guess of a recycling category and cross their fingers that it will be dealt with sustainably.
Personally, we at CKB Skip Hire believe that is a reasonable course of action in general-after all, it is always better to try! The following
items are excellent candidates for this situation and are frequently deposited in recycling bins by well-intentioned members of the public.
Regrettably, they cannot be recycled for a variety of reasons.

Plastic in black and dark hues.

The unique coloration of this sort of plastic is the primary reason for its inability to be recycled. Essentially, the dark coloration is caused
by the pigments employed, which make it extremely difficult for automated recycling equipment to recognise and sort plastic using
traditional procedures. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to this problem other than avoiding black plastic objects.

Plastic or cardboard that is filthy

Takeaway boxes made of cardboard are an example of this type of object, and they are regularly recycled.However, because most
municipalities will only take clean and unsoiled plastic and cardboard for processing and repurposing, any form of food packaging that is
still contaminated with food or grease will frequently be discarded.

diverse plastic products.

You probably anticipated some aspect of this statement-after all, plastic is notoriously difficult to digest! Among the things that cannot be
recycled are the following: If you’ve never heard of a tetra pack, chances are you use them far more often than you realise. In essence,
they are composite kinds of food packaging, similar to those used to preserve takeaway sandwiches. Frequently, the blend of materials
used prohibits them from being recycled.

Three distinct forms of recyclable materials

The upshot of these beliefs is that, contrary to popular belief, some household objects can be recycled. These include the following:

Cans of deodorant, aerosols, and hairspray that have been emptied

While it is often known that these are non-recyclable, a surprising number of councils and public services will take them if they are fully
empty. Fortunately, determining when this is the case is usually straightforward: simply hold down the relevant button, and after they stop
hissing, it’s a good indication that they’re empty and ready for proper recycling.

Bottles of bleach and trigger-activated surface cleansers that have been emptied

While the term “bleach” certainly has a negative connotation when it comes to environmental concerns, the material itself can be
extremely hazardous if misused, but the plastic bottles themselves are often recyclable. Once again, this is true mostly if they are fully
empty (and you may want to rinse them out too, just to be sure). The same is true for window and surface cleaners.

Kitchen foil, metal lids, and used (but clean) foil trays

This one requires some caution to avoid running afoul of the “no dirty substances” restriction noted above.However, as long as no food
residue, fats, or oils remain on the metal surfaces, they are generally acceptable for recycling and further processing into new goods.

Naturally, the next thought that may cross your mind is “can I dump any of this stuff in a skip?” You’ll be relieved to know that we’ve
already published thorough instructions on what you may and cannot put in a skip, as well as an equally detailed post on what you cannot.
If the item you’re looking for isn’t listed in the posts, or if you have any further queries, you can always contact one of our friendly
specialists when it’s time to book your skip. Additionally, it’s never been easier to do so ” simply input your postcode on our homepage
and you’ll be presented with your very own local skip hire quote in no time!

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