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Simple Steps To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

At CKB Skip Hire, we realise how much pride people have in their homes and gardens, and now that autumn has arrived, many people
are taking advantage of the opportunity to do some spring cleaning before the winter weather sets in. (And while we’re on the subject,
renting a skip for garden debris is always a convenient way to dispose of it.) Whether you’re a green-fingered garden aficionado or simply
proud of your greenery, here are some of the most useful early-November garden tasks:

Dirty Hands

Autumn leaf heaps are one of the most recognisable markers of the season. And, while they appear to be gorgeous, golden, and beautiful
in films, they are frequently damp, unpleasant annoyances that adhere to everything. Show them who’s boss by removing them from your
lawns and walks while also assisting in making everything significantly less slippery. Apply the same precautions to overhanging plants
and branches on pathways; it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Provide it with the strength it needs to continue.

Painting is one of those tasks that some people adore and others despise. Regardless, it must be done now, while the weather is still dry,
if you don’t want your sheds and fences to flake severely as the weather becomes harsher. While you’re at it, check the strength of your
fence posts to ensure they won’t be blown down during winter storms. It’s also worth checking that your shed roof isn’t leaking and
replacing any cracked greenhouse window panes. A greenhouse is useless if water is allowed to enter!

Your Plants Could Use Some Advance Planning.

Waterlogging can be the misery of a conscientious gardener’s existence; therefore, you may wish to elevate your plant pots off the ground
for the winter on bricks to avoid extra water seeping into the bottoms of them. Speaking of plant containers, you can relocate your more
sensitive species prior to the arrival of hard weather; this could be into a greenhouse or simply under cover somewhere (though
obviously, make sure they still get enough light).

Meanwhile, you can gather seeds from your garden and use them to establish new species the next year. It’s less expensive than
purchasing them in a store!

Hiring A Skip To Dispose Of Garden Waste

The title is self-explanatory. Not only will your gardening efforts generate a significant amount of clippings, chunky branches, and twigs,
but the natural environment will also hurl a significant amount of natural trash at you (see “massive piles of leaves” above).However, have
no fear! Once you’ve recycled and composted everything possible, you may always use our skip hire service. At CKB Skip Hire, we
provide everything you need to dispose of your garden garbage (namely, a large skip).

So, what type of yard debris is acceptable in a skip? Well,

In general, it’s a matter of common sense; if you believe it’s probably not a good idea, you’re probably correct. The critical point is to keep
garden garbage apart from other sorts of waste, such as domestic or hazardous. Trust us, it complicates matters for our workers, and
collector agents may even refuse to take your skip. It pays to check twice!

The best part is that if you’re wanting to hire a skip for garden rubbish, arranging one takes no time at all. Simply visit our homepage and
provide your postcode and phone number for a quick skip hire quote.

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