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Save money in 2018 by reducing corporate waste.

March 3, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably thinking something similar as we approach the end of the year: it might be time for a good old
clear out! As is the case with households, businesses can accumulate a significant amount of random clutter over the course of a year.
Fortunately, renting a skip is the ideal answer. However, before we get to that, the question is: how can you prevent it from happening
again? To that end, we at CKB Skip Hire have a few options…

Purchase with Caution

Even the most frugal businesses are occasionally prone to over-ordering. This is true for all industries, but perhaps the most visible is the
building industry, where an estimated 60 million tonnes of waste is disposed of each year as a result of over-ordering. This demonstrates
the critical importance of determining how much you’re certain you’ll use”and perhaps ordering conservatively just in case. This way,
you’re less likely to acquire stationery, food, or even furniture that you’ll never use, thus saving money on unneeded expenditures.

Always Consider Sustainability

“Reuse and recycle” is almost certainly a motto you’ve heard, or maybe uttered yourself! Unfortunately, while this is a constant refrain, it is
not often followed up with the same zeal. Therefore, before discarding anything, ask yourself if it is completely unusable. Then, even if no
one in your organisation could profit from it, could someone else? For example, a broken binder can be transformed into an instant
clipboard by adding a bulldog clip. While you may not want to use it for client meetings (it may appear unprofessional), it is undoubtedly
functional for everyday use.

Even if something is fully broken, it is possible to recycle a surprising number of items. It’s worthwhile to have a strategy for storing these
materials, even if it’s just an inconspicuous box in a corner. That is preferable to landfill! Additionally, reusing your supplies and equipment
is frequently, indisputably more cost-effective.

Store Prudently

We’ve all had the experience of spilling something on something that should not have been spilt on. It is one of life’s universal truths.
While personal property can survive the occasional knock, damage, or stain, in a commercial setting, a similar event”scaled up”can
result in the loss of entire batches of material. Reports must be printed, food must be reordered, and things must be re-produced. This
means that careful thought must be given to the location of your materials on your property in order to minimise the possibility of mishaps
or accidents. Proper storage, on the other hand, effectively extends the life of your items or equipment, saving you money on unneeded

A reputable company can provide you with a skip.

Prior to hiring a skip, it’s always a good idea to conduct some background research on the organisation in question. Can they provide you
with the correct skip size? For instance, do they provide a range of skip sizes? Is their customer service unparalleled? By selecting them,
will you be assisting with a variety of social and environmental problems at no additional expense or effort?

We believe you can see where we’re headed with this. At CKB Skip Hire, we’re committed to making your life as simple, convenient, and
affordable as possible. Simply visit our homepage and enter your postcode and phone number to receive an instant skip hire price.

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