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Restoring Order: Recycle Your Christmas Decorations

March 17, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Christmas is a time for excessive consumption, enjoyment, games, and family. However, like with any great event, it means that you’re
left with a lot of debris at the conclusion. Skip hire is usually a good idea for items that won’t fit in your regular bin, but before you do, we
at CKB Skip Hire have some helpful tips for disposing of your Christmas stuff with the least amount of environmental impact possible.

It’s not difficult to recycle paper and cards.

We all know how much wrapping paper we consume during the Christmas season, but as a nation, we consume 227,000 miles of it each
year. Apart from attempting to use less of it in the first place, it never hurts to stack any unused rolls away for later use. It may even save
you valuable time during the December Christmas rush. Meanwhile, any leftover wrapping paper from the big day can be collected and
disposed of in your regular paper and cardboard recycling container.

This is also a convenient method of disposing of Christmas cards, if you have any stored around the house. However, there is an
alternative: for several years, Marks & Spencer has been one of the British stores to continue a scheme initiated by the Woodland Trust.
Between January 2nd and January 31st, you can drop your cards off at your local M & S store. They will plant a tree for every 1000 cards
recycled. Sainsbury’s is another large supermarket that has a similar programme.

Brighten Someone Else’s Day

Each year, the UK discards over 500 tonnes of Christmas lights”some of which are in great working shape. Rather than discarding your
Christmas lights once the festive season is over, if they are still functional, you will likely discover that there are plenty of suitable homes
for them. After the rush is past, charity shops are always on the lookout for beautiful Christmas lights, or ” closer to home ” they can be
utilised as mood lighting in your yard.

If, however, they are completely broken, simply take them to your local recycling centre. By disposing of them in the Waste Electricals
section, they will be processed and divided into their component parts: plastic, metal, and glass, which can then be used to create other

Recognize The Forest By Its Trees

Finally, and maybe most importantly, your tree is the largest Christmas by-product, as well as the one that is most frequently improperly
recycled. It’s unsurprising, given its weight and bulk, but it doesn’t have to be”Christmas trees have a plethora of purposes. While the
majority of local authorities in England have some form of tree recycling programme, if you cannot locate one, you can always utilise it for
your own purposes. You can get it chipped at your local garden centre and use it in your garden as ground cover or mulch. Frequently,
Christmas tree trunks wind up as January firewood, which is especially convenient considering the continued cold. Simply avoid burning
the branches, as they tend to emit sparks!

On the other hand, Christmas trees have considerably less obvious purposes”their pine needles are frequently edible (as long as they
are not yew trees), making them ideal for flavour infusions in the kitchen. Alternatively, you may use them as a potpourri, combining them
with hot water to make a still-festive but slightly unusual cup of tea.

To Avoid the Struggle

Even if you do all of that, you’re likely to wind up with a lot of trash that is inappropriate for recycling. Christmas baubles are a prime
example of this, as the plastic and glass used to build them are rarely recycled. Tinsel is another non-recyclable Christmas by-product.

In these cases, communal skip hire may be the most cost-effective method of disposing of your holiday rubbish. By banding together with
your neighbours and sharing a skip, you can pool your Christmas garbage, resulting in fewer man-hours and effort for the local council
and more money in your own pockets.

Get a Head Start

Naturally, the simplest method to minimise holiday waste is to prepare ahead. If you’ve got room to store wrapping paper, sellotape,
tinsel, and lights for another year, by all means do so ” it might well mean less time traipsing around in the Christmas rush next year!

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