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Positive Approaches Each of us has already helped the environment.

Environmental attitudes have shifted dramatically in recent decades, and we are already witnessing positive outcomes.

With the news that the ozone layer is beginning to heal, there is little doubt that we have made significant strides in the last several years
toward becoming more ecologically friendly. This is due not just to our evolving attitudes, but also to the advancement of new
technologies. (We considered simply writing an essay about the advancements in skip technology over the previous five years, but the
post would have been fairly brief.) Of course, there is always more work to be done, but let us take a moment to reflect on some of the
accomplishments thus far.

A recovering planet

As previously said, a significant finding from this year is that the ozone layer is actually beginning to recover. In June, scientists
announced that the breach had been reduced by more than 1.5 million square miles over the previous sixteen years. That is roughly half
the size of the continental United States! The scientific community attributes this to a steady drop in the amount of hazardous chemical
compounds detected in aerosols and household appliances. These substances were prohibited by the legally binding Montreal Protocol,
which was signed in 1987 by states from all around the world. Fortunately, its effects have been clearly effective.

Innovative Recycling Technology

Closer to home, in the UK, our skips are already being taken to the country’s first recycling and energy recovery facilities, which were
established to help reduce the amount of rubbish we send to landfill. While their underlying premise is straightforward, the technology
they employ is extremely complicated. To begin with, waste is collected and shredded from black bin bags. Then, using a variety of
automated systems and processes, recyclable material is separated and stored for reuse in a methodical manner. The remainder of the
garbage is burnt to power a central turbine, which generates 11 MW of electricity for the national grid, enough to power 11,000 houses.
The turbine is also capable of producing heat, which may be used to keep everyone warm during these frigid winter months. The residual
ash from the initial cremation is already widely used in the building sector as a quarrying material, and the entire operation is self-
monitoring to ensure that it does not exceed UK or EU air pollution laws. It’s extremely probable that we’ll see a lot more of these types of
facilities in the future, as we continue our march toward a more environmentally friendly future.

The Automobile Industry’s New Energy

Another business that has witnessed significant growth in recent years is the EV (electric vehicle) industry. They’ve seen a considerable
increase in sales, both in the UK and globally, as a result of persistent government and private investment, particularly during the last
decade. As recently as 2013, the campaigns were still gaining traction, with 3500 electric cars on the roads of the United Kingdom. Today,
that number has risen to 90,000. They are predicted to emit 25% fewer greenhouse gases than a fuel-efficient diesel automobile and 40%
fewer greenhouse gases than a gasoline car. With those figures and the surge in their sales, it’s safe to state that the amount of
greenhouse gases pushed into our environment has already decreased significantly.

We’ve Never Stopped Trying to Get Better.

The general population in the United Kingdom (that includes you) is also getting much better at recycling. The days of just dumping all
your trash into the nearest skip are over. Recent statistics indicate that our recycling rate is continuously growing, comfortably achieving
national and EU targets along the way. This is how we’ve fared thus far:

The EU’s ambition is for us to recycle 50% of household garbage by 2020, and it does not appear as though we will have any difficulty
attaining that goal.

This is excellent news for CKB Skip Hire. We are fervent environmentalists, and we are always improving the effectiveness of our own
garbage disposal systems. For more information on this and other reasons to hire us, visit our Why Use Us page.

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