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How to Lower Pollution Potential in Your Home

March 14, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

In the United Kingdom, we’ve just concluded Pollution Prevention Week. Though it originated in the United States, it has gotten some
considerable traction on this side of the pond. Indeed, it prompted us to consider some of the most common ways in which we may all
reduce pollution, which leads us to harmful household chemicals. You probably don’t think about them much in your daily life, yet they
might be more harmful than you realise. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies to reduce them.

The Perils of Common Household Chemicals

At CKB Skip Hire, we have rather severe guidelines regarding hazardous materials while renting a skip. They are industry-wide and are
intended to safeguard our employees. Detergents, bleach, batteries, cosmetics, and paint are just a few of the chemicals with the greatest
potential for harm. You’ll recognise them”they’re occasionally branded with the words “danger,” “warning, or “caution.” When you think
about it, these are quite self-evident signs.

However, while we are all more aware of the chemicals lurking beneath our sinks than we used to be (particularly parents), it’s all too
easy to forget about the massively destructive potential they retain even after we discard them. For some reason, many people seem to
believe that once the item has been used, the empty container can be discarded with regular rubbish. That is not the case! Even if they
are safely disposed of, this only addresses a portion of the problem. To effectively reduce pollution, it is considerably preferable to reduce
their use in the first place.

How To Reduce The Use Of Dangerous Household Chemicals

The first step is more straightforward than it sounds”it’s in the supermarket! It’s a good idea to shop cautiously; read the labels and avoid
some of the more obviously dangerous things, even if they’re more potent. Another clever strategy is to purchase only what you require.
While it may appear counter-intuitive to avoid stockpiling, using the bare necessities of life will significantly reduce the amount of
dangerous chemicals in the air.

Then there are the small things; lightbulbs and batteries are both excellent examples of how technology has advanced in recent years in
sustainable leaps and bounds. Both of them are now widely available in rechargeable and affordable variants, which eliminates the need
to find another method of disposal outside of skip hire. Similarly, water-based paints are significantly safer than solvent-based paints.
Pesticides are a type of chemical that it is best to avoid entirely if possible”they are essentially poisons.

Meanwhile, as noted previously, when it comes to skip hire, we have very specific guidelines about what should and should not be put in-
and at the top of the “shouldn’t” list is pretty much everything that is hazardous garbage. In some situations, your local municipality may
be able to collect it for you, or you may be able to transport it to a nearby trash facility, where it will be carefully disposed of.

However, if you’re moving house, renovating your kitchen, or simply cleaning out your garden shed, you could do worse than getting a
skip from us. We take pride in our customer service and cheap service rates; all you need to do is input your postcode and phone number
on our website, and then confirm your appointment. Do you disagree with our assertions?Hire a skip today and give it a try!

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