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How much does it really cost to hire a skip?

April 20, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

When budgeting for container or skip hire, it’s critical to have a firm grasp on the kind of figures you’ll be dealing with. We’re going to look
at skip hire costs in this blog post-not only the basic fees, but also any additional charges that may apply.

The Cost of Hiring a Skip Is Determined by the Size of

It goes without saying that the larger the skip or container you hire, the more expensive it will be. The reasons for this are very self-

Consider our selection of skip sizes; we have anything from small skips for home work to extremely large containers for complete house
removals and business tasks.

Extra charges for additional time

The majority of skip hire businesses will gladly let you keep the skip longer than the typical rental period, but this additional time will
usually come at an additional cost (again, pretty straightforward).

Our skip hire prices are determined by size, but additional time is paid at a flat rate of £10 + VAT, making it an inexpensive option if your
project is scheduled to go longer than anticipated.

Untrustworthy dealers

One expense that many people overlook when renting a skip is the cost of dealing with a shady reseller. While it may be tempting to save
money by choosing a skip supplier that charges significantly less than others, it’s worth considering how they’re doing it.

At CKB Skip Hiring, we work completely transparently (which is especially beneficial for business skip hire clients), which enables us to
demonstrate that your rubbish was appropriately processed. While shady merchants may be inexpensive, they may simply be dumping
your garbage. And if it is discovered, you may face a large fine.

Metal loading discounts

We’ve talked a lot about charges ” both standard and additional ” but it’s worth noting this small bonus: if your skip load is going to be
mostly or completely metal, whether in sheet or appliance form, it’s worth contacting us to see if we can offer you a discounted skip hire

As mentioned previously, we base our charges in part on the cost of processing the rubbish we collect from you. Thus, larger skips cost
more. However, if we can recoup some of that cost through the materials we gather, we may be able to pass along some savings to you.

Contact us immediately for a free estimate. Our helpful team will gladly discuss your requirements and advise you on the most cost-
effective skip hire solution for your job.

Would you like to learn more about our skip hire prices? Consider our choice of skip sizes to choose which one is appropriate for your

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