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Here are five of the finest ways to get your garden ready for spring.

March 11, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

With the weather forecast to become lighter and warmer (any day now! ), we’re quickly reaching the time of year when we’ll all be able to
spend more time in our back gardens. Your personal garden, on the other hand, has probably taken a lot of abuse from the elements over
the winter months, so it’s worth getting out the rakes and hoses to get it back in shape for spring. Hiring a skip is a fantastic way to get rid
of all of your garden debris, but only after you’ve finished

Giving your plants some tender loving care

If you’re a gardener, you probably don’t need to be reminded again, but it’s one part of our gardens that’s missed far too often by the
general public. Unless you’ve been very careful about what you plant and when you plant it, many of them will have died during the
winter. So, after removing any weeds with a fork or spade, it’ll be time to consider transplanting fresh flowers. While you’re at it, look for
any pests, such as slugs or snails, that might otherwise be feasting on your cherished plants when they bloom again.

Keeping your solid surfaces clean

In this case, we’re primarily discussing patios and decks, both of which may take a lot of abuse over the winter. If your patio is dirty, it can
detract from the appearance of your garden, and slipping hazards from weeds or moss can also be a hazard-none of which are desirable
for your garden in any season. Power washing the slabs will take care of a lot of the work, and you can pick the weeds and rake over
what’s left to get rid of any twigs and dead leaves.

Unfortunately, your decking problem isn’t as simple to address. A gentler touch is required because power cleaning it on a high setting
can gouge and severely destroy the wood. Avoid using a concentrated jet and start with the lower settings rather than the higher ones;
you might find that you can get the job done with less power than you expected. You should also consider oiling or staining your deck to
prepare it for the sun. If you do, avoid doing it on a rainy day because the quality of your finish will suffer.

Summerhouses, greenhouses, and outbuildings are being demolished.

Let’s face it, these types of garden sheds may easily become unintentional storage spaces for all kinds of trinkets and clutter. That means
now is a fantastic time to get rid of any old toys, playhouses, old bikes and tricycles, or gardening equipment so you can make the most of
them once the weather warms up. (Of course, you may find yourself having to do it all over again by next year ” families with small
children are especially prone to accumulating this type of “stuff!”!)

Your branches should be pruned and cut.

Trees and larger shrubs can be just as unforgiving in the winter, so have a look at them to see whether they can be clipped ” especially
low-hanging or brittle branches. If left to their own devices, these can pose a serious threat to you and your family, and they won’t make
your landscape particularly attractive. It’s also a good idea to check around for any branches or dead leaves that have fallen to the

This is when renting a skip can be beneficial. We’ve published an entire piece about why hiring a skip is the best option for your yard
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