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Five questions to ask yourself as you prepare for a New Year’s clean-out of your house.

April 23, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Even if you’re not a Netflix customer, you’ve probably heard about Marie Kondo’s tidying-up phenomenon. Her new show appears to be
sweeping the world by storm, and it’s worth watching before embarking on your New Year’s purge. (According to a 2016 study conducted
by the enviably titled Professor Ferrari, the more clutter people have, the less satisfied they are with their lives.)

Now, we at CKB Skip Hire are not experts in tidying. We have no idea what the psychology is behind it all, but we are rather adept at
trash reduction, recycling, and efficiency. In our experience, if you find yourself confronted with an item you simply must throw away, there
are four critical questions you must ask yourself before hiring that skip.

Is it beneficial?

We’ll begin with what is arguably the simplest of our questions. While the answer is not always straightforward, it is still easier to classify
than some of the other questions on this list. When you come across an object that you’re unsure about, ask yourself if it still has a useful
purpose. And if it does, how do you intend to use it? Kitchen gadgets are notorious for this type of thing, especially if they were purchased
on a whim for certain recipes you never got around to cooking. If you’re not going to use it, it’s pointless to have it around.

If you’re still undecided, it’s worthwhile to set yourself a minor goal of using your possession for its intended purpose within a specified
time period, like a week. If you don’t succeed ” whether it’s because you lack the time, are unsure how, or simply don’t fancy it ” you’re
likely to never succeed. It goes into the skip!

Are you in love with it?

This is the difficult one, and Marie Kondo’s incredible ability to assist others in figuring it out is why she has her own Netflix show. Does it
inspire joy? “She prefers to express it, but even that can be a difficult question to answer. Your wedding photographs are a source of joy.
A children’s book may not do it on the same level, but that does not imply you should discard it. At CKB Skip Hire, we prefer to ask a
much simpler question: do you recall precisely where it was until now? The response can range from “yep, right here on the windowsill” to
“kind of, under the living room’s boxes.” Or even the ones in the corridor. ” And that response may help you move one step closer to
making a choice!

3. Are you ever going to find another one?

If it’s something unique and custom-made for you”wedding photos are a wonderful example”you’d surely never want to discard it.
However, beloved books are a different storey. While you may feel a connection to them, how strong is that connection if you haven’t read
them in years? Unless the book has been through an especially memorable ordeal with you, you are unlikely to notice its absence. And if
you ever feel the urge to read it again, what’s to stop you from purchasing it? It’s unlikely to be a large purchase, and if it is, you’ll know for
certain whether the item is truly worth retaining the second time around.

4. Is this the ideal location for it?

This time, we’ll use shoes as an example. Shoes that fit properly and are in good condition are unlikely to be included in the waste bags
when renting a dumpster, but they can create some unholy messes in tiny hallways. Consider whether you can relocate them to another
room or create a storage solution for them. And, moving on from shoes, if you can’t think of an appropriate location for them in the house,
you have to ask yourself if they are truly worth retaining at all.

Could it be put to better use by someone else?

Getting rid of something does not have to imply dumping it in a landfill. Often, this just entails removing it from your home. While a
neglected child’s teddy bear may hold nostalgic significance for you as a parent, if it is no longer desired by your (potentially adult)
children, you may have to be brutally honest with yourself and realise it has little place in your home. Rather than hiring a skip and
throwing it in, it’s worth donating it to a charity shop, posting it on Freecycle, or simply asking your circle of friends. Who knows, it might
end up in the hands of another child who will adore it as much as you did. (The same approach can be applied to culinary equipment, with
the obvious difference being the intended receiver.) Or they should!

This final question is very pertinent to us at CKB Skip Hire, as it is one we ask ourselves whenever one of our skips is returned to us.
Recycling is a critical component of our work, and we make every effort to recycle as much of our collected waste as possible. Our
ultimate objective is to divert 100 percent of garbage from landfills, and with continuous technological advancements and proactive
improvements to our work methods, we’re getting closer to that goal every day! Learn more about this and the reasons that so many of
our clients choose us. Alternatively, if you’re ready to begin your New Year’s clear-out, you can head directly to our homepage and enter
your postcode to receive a quick quote for affordable, local skip hire. It has never been simpler!

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