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DEFRA’s New Statistics Show That Fly-Tipping in the United Kingdom Is Increasing

April 6, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs is responsible for a variety of functions, including ensuring that we all dispose
of our garbage properly. The most current set of publicly available information depicts a rather depressing picture: fly-tipping is on the
upswing. The good news is that you can contribute to the fight against this scourge simply by choosing CKB Skip Hire. We’ll get to it in a
moment, but first, let’s look at the numbers.

What Are the DEFRA Statistics?

DEFRA’s recent press release has a wealth of facts, ranging from conviction rates to clean-up expenses. The statistics cover the 2016″
17 fiscal year and were compiled by local governments across the country. We at CKB Skip Hire have examined them thoroughly and
extracted the following crucial information:

Fly-tipping has been progressively increasing since a low point in 2008, and 2017 does not appear to be any better. However, while the
authorities and local councils continue to take measures to address this growing problem, we at CKB Skip Hire are doing our part ” and
you can, too!

At CKB Skip Hire, we are environmentally conscious.

Clearly, this is not excellent news for any of us. However, at CKB Skip Hire, we are determined not to be deterred; we are as committed
to environmental issues as ever. One of our primary goals as an organisation is to be as proactive as possible in minimising our
environmental impact. When you hire a skip from us, the contents are inspected and sorted. Everything that can still be reused or recycled
is removed and given a new life, with only the bare necessities ending up in landfill.

This means that not only is hiring a skip with us stress-free, but you can also feel good about it! We’ve made the entire procedure as
simple and straightforward as possible ” simply input your postcode and phone number on our homepage and you’ll be presented with an
instant skip hire price. Following that, we’ll finalise a few elements before delivering your skin, and then Bob’s your uncle! What could
possibly be simpler?

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