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Cleaning Up Your Act: The Critical Role of Proper Disposal

April 7, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

The man who got himself into problems for operating a garbage removal service without a licence is currently dominating industry news.
You may be wondering what the issue is there. Isn’t he still getting rid of it? There is a reason we require Environment Agency licenses”
appropriate trash disposal is a highly difficult subject, and getting it wrong can have catastrophic implications.

What Professionals in Waste Disposal Should Know

To operate a lawful waste disposal firm ” particularly those engaged in skip hire, such as us ” it is necessary to obtain permission from
the government, whose Environment Agency is responsible for environmental regulation. As anyone who has ever benefited from hiring a
skip can attest, we as a species produce an unfathomable quantity of rubbish, far more than any other animal in the world, and the sheer
volume necessitates careful handling and training that you simply cannot learn on your own. It is extremely unlawful to operate a garbage
disposal firm without this authorization”and thus without government control.

While it is definitely true that the majority of people view landfill as a relatively straightforward procedure, it is no longer simply a matter of
throwing trash into the ground. Landfill management is a highly developed discipline that is always evolving. Each landfill site is carefully
selected based on its suitability, which means it should be located away from bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, or other bodies of
water. If they are present, precautions must be taken to safeguard them. Additionally, landfills are zoned”only one zone can be used at a
time”to better compartmentalise garbage and so exert greater control over its decomposition.

Modern waste management professionals must also be able to analyse a site’s flood danger and understand how to prevent land
drainage. Rain and other weather elements are critical to consider since they may leak into the soil, take up bacteria, and then leak back
out, carrying these illnesses with them.

The Resultant Effects

Waste disposal is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Different forms of trash must be classified, sub-classified, and separated, with each
category managed separately. For instance, permitted disposal facilities have protective liners to prevent dangerous chemicals from
leaking out and to avoid the aforementioned issue with rain (referred to in the industry as “leaching”). Otherwise, garbage sites may leak
toxins, endangering humans, wildlife, and the environment. Similarly, burning the incorrect types of garbage releases hazardous
chemicals into the environment, including methane, one of the most prominent greenhouse gases.

Occasionally, improper or careless disposal might have an even more direct effect on us. Unauthorized disposal sites can contaminate
the earth, making it unhealthy or unsanitary for humans or animals that come into contact with it. The latter, in particular, have a tendency
to dig out the nastier objects, occasionally acting as inadvertent carriers of illness. The Environment Agency has also conducted
investigations into exceedingly dangerous “waste disposal facilities””a term we use with the strongest of air quotes”such as those
discussed above. These have been discovered to be extremely dangerous objects, such as paint pots, automobile batteries, and even
open containers of chemicals.

Waste Management Done Right: CKB Skip Hire

CKB Skip Hire does not subscribe to any of this illegal rubbish. We strictly adhere to the law and the Environment Agency’s requirements.
Furthermore, unlike unregulated businesses, whatever garbage we do send to landfill benefits from the UK’s world-class renewable
energy infrastructure. For example, the greenhouse gases produced by rotting rubbish are carefully contained and used to power the
national energy grid.

Additionally, there are numerous other reasons to choose us. Alternatively, if you’re already sold, all you have to do is input your postcode
and phone number on our website to get started!

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