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Ascertain Your Awareness of Your Waste-Related Responsibilities!

April 28, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably well aware of your general trash duties, especially if you frequently use a skip. To be honest,
like a lot of other aspects of garbage disposal, it’s primarily an issue of common sense and decency, and we doubt you’re already
experiencing difficulty. Having said that, there are a few details that business owners occasionally overlook, and we felt it was worth
mentioning this week on the blog ” as well as letting you know how we can assist!

In a nutshell, your duty of care

Every business generates some form of garbage, and certain categories are clearly more prevalent than others. The majority of
commercial trash is classified as regulated waste, which comprises commercial, industrial, and home waste. Worn paper, debris, timber,
plasterboard, and used electrical equipment are all examples of waste that businesses across a variety of sectors generate on a daily
basis, and they all fall under the category of “controlled waste.”

As a business owner, you must do all possible to avoid, reuse, recycle, and recover garbage. That’s right, in that sequence! (Incidentally,
if you’re seeking new ways to reduce your trash output, you might do worse than to read our recent blog post on top corporate waste
management recommendations.)

This also implies that, until you rent a skip, you must:

The UK legal system takes this type of behaviour quite seriously, and local authorities have been given greater authority to prosecute fly
tipping and other illegal rubbish dumping. To begin with, this takes the form of fines and fixed penalty notices, but it also has a negative
impact on your business’s reputation, both with consumers and business partners. This is another reason for your firm to consider its
corporate social responsibility. Fortunately, we’re here to assist!

We are the number one commercial waste disposal company.

As you may assume from our name, CKB Skip Hire is rather adept at removing rubbish from your premises. However, we do not simply
discard it. To begin with, we transport it to our in-house processing plant, where we sort it for items that can be reused or recycled. CKB
Skip Hire is committed to the environment, and our ethical garbage disposal policies are one of the reasons we’re such a popular choice
for household names like Vodafone, United Utilities, and Forest Holidays.

As you would guess, we take great care to complete the correct paperwork and check all the appropriate boxes”we don’t want to expose
you to anything that could land you in hot water. You are required by law to complete a Waste Transfer Note, so we ensure that we supply
you with one upon our arrival and that we completely fill out our side as well!

To learn more about how CKB Skip Hire assists business owners, visit our commercial waste management page on our website.
Alternatively, if you want to get started immediately, simply enter your postcode and phone number on our website’s homepage for a fast
skip hire estimate!

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