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Are you perplexed by recycling? A new study indicates that you are not alone!

Throughout 2018, waste processing has been a hot topic, with more headlines than ever highlighting its impact on our planet and
ecosystem. As a positive side effect, an increasing number of individuals are turning to recycling in an attempt to curb the spread of the
problem. However, this reveals an even more pressing immediate issue: many individuals just do not understand how to recycle.
Numerous things, such as greaseproof paper and plastic food trays, do not fit easily into the conventional categories of paper, cardboard,
and glass.

Sustainability is a priority for us at CKB Skip Hire, and we recycle as much of your rubbish as humanly possible when you rent a skip from
us. Recently, a new study by Beyond the Box shed light on the difficulty many people have with recycling. The results indicate that we
have a long way to go!

The studies’ key statistics

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Beyond the Box. Essentially, it’s a campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the environmental benefits
of cardboard packing. They recently conducted a poll of 2000 British adults, and one of their significant findings was that more than half of
adults admitted to being so perplexed that they routinely discard recyclable products in landfills rather than in designated recycling bins.

Among the other findings are the following:

As you may expect, many advocates are particularly concerned about these final two statistics! When further questioned about why they
discarded these objects, the responses differed.

This last reason can be aggravating for homeowners and councils alike, as many residents will certainly avoid making the trek to
neighbouring districts to dispose of particular garbage items. There is undoubtedly more work to be done in terms of upgrading the UK’s
disposal infrastructure and educating the public. It’s the hybrid materials-based things that appear to be the most perplexing; the usual
crisp package is only one example! One-third of respondents indicated they were unsure what to do with them, while one-fourth were
unsure whether cardboard beverage cartons could be recycled.

Is there any good news to report?

True, the study’s findings can be depressing at first glance, as it’s evident that a significant amount of recyclable material is being
discarded. Beyond the Box does, however, highlight some beneficial features. At least 59% of Britons believe we produce too much
waste, and two-thirds express concern about packaging. This does indicate a rising level of worry among the British population, which
should hopefully result in more substantive change. Additionally, the UK’s preferred sustainable packaging material, corrugated
cardboard, has a recycling rate of more than 80%. This means that every four months, an amount large enough to cover the area of
Greater London is diverted from landfill.

What can we do to increase the rate of change?

This is a good starting point, but there is still much more we can accomplish! Because residential and commercial garbage are two of the
most important areas of our business at CKB Skip Hire, trust us when we say that there is still individual action we can all take. (To begin
with, it takes only a few seconds to Google whether an item is recyclable!)

And, of course, consumers may communicate volumes through the businesses and services they patronise. Plastic straws are an ideal
example, as many businesses in the UK have already begun to phase them out in favour of more environmentally friendly cardboard
alternatives. This is only one example of the public requesting change through their purchasing decisions and businesses responding.
Numerous people have already begun similar activities by boycotting foods and meals that come in an excessive amount of plastic
packaging or by communicating their concerns to producers and service providers.

CKB Skip Hire makes every effort to stay ahead of the curve in this regard. When you book a skip from us, whether for commercial or
domestic rubbish, we make every effort to recycle as much as possible, utilising on-site facilities and skilled workers. This is just one of
the many reasons to pick CKB Skip Hire-click here to learn more, or input your postcode in the spaces above to receive an instant
estimate for local skip hire!

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