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According to a new UN report, only 20% of e-waste is recycled.

We’ve already discussed e-waste on the CKB Skip Hire blog. It is well-known as one of the more difficult waste types to recycle, partly
due to its complicated composition, but also because of its increasing global increase. The International Telecommunication Union of the
United Nations recently produced a report with some global statistics on the state of the e-waste recycling effort. Not everything is
positive, but do not despair! There are still some excellent efforts being made, and there are ways for you to assist as well.

What Are The Report’s Findings?

The report contains a number of slightly frightening statistics. In 2016, 45 million tonnes of electronics were discarded, with only
approximately 20% recycled. The remaining 80% is not fully documented-it is estimated that 4% of this is discarded in domestic waste.
Alarmingly, the remaining 76 percent goes completely unaccounted for, which means it is most likely illegally discarded, trafficked, or
recycled in substandard conditions.

Europe and Russia (which includes the United Kingdom, essentially) generate roughly 28% of the world’s electronic garbage and recycle
it at an average rate of 35%. We are, however, significantly aided in this endeavour by Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway, which all have
recycling rates of approximately 70%. More people than ever are using cellphones, which are often replaced after less than two years. As
you can expect, such a high rate of turnover contributes significantly to the swelling tide of electronic garbage.

Are There Any Advantages?

Always! Six other countries, including India, have added legislation governing electronic waste management in the last few years. This
means that two-thirds of the world’s population now has access to some form of infrastructure that promotes the safe disposal and
recycling of electronic trash. It’s an excellent starting place!

As for what you can do, you’ll be relieved to learn that it’s not difficult. To begin with, if you replace an electronic device, you can always
sell the old one on websites such as Gumtree. If you’re concerned about aesthetic harm, the majority of people are surprisingly receptive
to such things as long as the amount of the damage is disclosed. After all, they are purchasing it at a bargain price, and hence many
people are willing to make concessions.

If you’re willing to forego the cash (and let’s be honest, you may not receive much), you can always post them on Freecycle or donate
them to organisations such as Computer Aid and Computers for Charities. Meanwhile, many electronics firms (such as Samsung and
Dell) will recycle any devices you purchase from them.

Above all, avoid simply disposing of your outdated electronics. While the study is somewhat pessimistic at the moment, by extending the
life of your devices as much as possible, you’re eventually helping that 20% figure rise! At CKB Skip Hire, we take pride in our
environmentally friendly approach to skip hire, and you can rely on us to provide not only a high-quality service, but also to dispose of
your rubbish correctly.

Simply input your postcode and phone number into our homepage and you’ll be presented with a fast online skip hiring quote. After that,
we’ll just need to finalise a few more details.

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