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A comprehensive guide to the cost of skip hire

March 12, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

When planning a construction, clearance, or restoration project at your house or place of business, you’ll almost certainly need to factor in
the cost of a skip or container. However, how much will this all cost?

At CKB Skip Hire, we are completely transparent about our skip hire prices, which means you can shop around and get the best deal

Therefore, determine the cost of hiring a skip.

The Cost of Hiring a 4-Yard Skip

Our 4 yard skip costs start at just £70 and are ideal for small volumes of green and garden garbage, builders’ rubbish, home waste, and
soil or rubble.

The Cost of Hiring a 6-Yard Skip

Our 6-yard skips are slightly larger than our 4-yard skips and are excellent for household projects like kitchen and dining room
renovations, as well as minor landscaping jobs. Prices begin at £90.

The Cost of Hiring an 8-Yard Skip

Our 8-yard skips, which measure four by twelve feet, are typically chosen by customers wishing to dispose of bulky debris and
construction waste, such as dirt, rubble, and concrete. Prices begin at £120.

How Much Does a 14-Yard Skip Cost?

Our 14-yard skips are an excellent all-purpose option for light-bulky garbage goods such as bricks, breeze blocks, and small-to medium-
sized metal appliances. Prices begin at just £160.

The Cost of Hiring a 16-Yard Skip

Our 16-yard skips are suitable for house removals, shop fitting tasks, and small construction trash. Prices start at £180 for wood, metal,
plastics, yard garbage, and rubble.

How Much Does a 20-Yard Skip Cost?

Our 20-yard skips are the largest containers we offer for heavy garbage, making them suitable for builders clearing large houses and
commercial properties. Prices begin at just £240.

How Much Does a 25-Yard Skip Cost?

Our 25-yard skips are suitable for bigger volumes of light rubbish, which is frequently a by-product of shop fittings, interior building work,
and refurbishments. Prices start at £300 for 6.5 feet by 20 feet.

How Much Does a 30 Yard Skip Cost?

Our 30-yard skips are ideal for commodities like wood, garden and green garbage (but not soil), metals, and plastics. They are frequently
used for large house and garden renovations. Prices start at £380.

How Much Does a 40-Yard Skip Cost?

The 40-yard skip is ideal for restoration and fitting work that generates huge amounts of light-bulky waste materials such as wood, metal,
and plastic. Prices begin at £440.

Why am I continually surprised by the expense of hiring the same sized skip?

Now there is a simple answer to that. Essentially, the fee is determined by the size of the skip and your location within the United
Kingdom. Numerous factors influence the cost of skip hire in various towns or regions. This is partly because certain locations generate
more rubbish than others ” the inner-city areas of London, for example, generate more waste than rural villages. This results in more
work for people in the processing business, as well as increased fees for services like skip hire.

Local competitiveness is another significant aspect. The more skip-hiring companies in a region, the higher their costs must be to remain
competitive. Regrettably, this can result in increased expenses for you! Thus, it’s natural that you’d be curious…

How to locate the cheapest skip hire in your area.

For the majority of customers, obtaining the lowest skip hire rates requires contacting each local firm independently and obtaining
individual quotations from each. You’ll be relieved to learn, though, that we’re committed to simplifying the process for you! Simply visit our
webpage and enter your postcode in the centre field to receive fast quotes for local skip hire. We take into account all important
parameters (such as location and distance) throughout our search to ensure that you receive the best possible results for skip hire in your

What is included in the hire fee for a skip?

When you rent a skip, the rental fee covers the following:

Consider additional skip hire fees.
Whenever you hire a skip, you should first determine whether you require a skip hire permit or parking suspension, even more so if your
budget is limited. If you intend to place your skip on a public road, you will be required to obtain permission from your local municipality.
(They are often available on the local council’s website.)

However, if you have space on your own public land, such as your driveway or front garden, you can avoid this penalty. Additionally, keep
in mind that skip hire permits are only valid for a specified length of time, so double-check this when you obtain them. If you exceed this
time limit, you risk receiving a large fine”another expense you could definitely do without!

By the same token, placing your skip in a parking bay, on double yellow lines, or in a pay-to-park area constitutes placing it in a controlled
parking zone (CPZ). In that situation, you’ll need to pay the local council for an additional parking suspension. We understand that adding
another cost to your skip is never a nice thing, but trust us when we say that the alternatives (most commonly, severe fines) are
significantly worse! As with the skip rental fee, these can range from £15 to £50 depending on your region in the UK. Therefore, it is
prudent to plan for them well in advance, just in case!

Skip Hire Prices Explained

There is enough to consider when hiring a skip without having to go bargain shopping.Our prices include drop-off, skip rental, and
collection, and we will recycle up to 100% of the waste you place in your skip at one of our authorised treatment facilities.

For more information on our skip hiring costs and sizes, visit our skip size reference page or call a member of our helpful team on 0300
100 0028 for guidance on the cost of skip hire for your project.

It’s also worth noting that if your project generates a significant amount of metal waste, you may qualify for discounted skip hire ” it’s
always worth contacting us.

Call us now on 0300 100 0028 or email us at skiphire@ckbskiphire.org with your requirements.

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