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A Comprehensive Guide to Builder’s Skips (6 Yard to 8 Yard Skips)

April 2, 2022 davidcrossan@googlemail.com Comments Off

Builder’s skips are one of the various skip sizes available at CKB Skip Hire, and are extremely popular with both personal and business
clients. We’ve compiled a concise guide below that contains all the information you could ever want to know about builder’s skips. What
we’ll discuss is as follows:

What is a constructor’s skip?

Essentially, a “builder’s skip” is a colloquial word that refers to CKB Skip Hire’s 6 yard and 8 yard skip sizes. Due to the fact that it is a
rather broad phrase in the market, you may find that other skip hire companies use it to refer to somewhat smaller or larger sizes. On the
whole, however, it may be confidently stated to encompass at the very least the 6 yard to 8 yard skips.

Builders’ skips are extremely adaptable. Commercial and home skip hire customers alike find them spacious enough to handle the
majority of operations but compact enough to fit on private land. This final point is critical, as it may help you save money on skip hire

A quick tip for renting a builder’s skip is as follows:

If you’re in a hurry (as many people are when renting a skip for the day), it’s easy to become confused by the lingo for builder’s skips. It’s
critical to understand that the terms “6 yard” and “8 yard” refer to the skip’s capacity, not its length. Before you hire a builder’s skip, take a
moment to confirm the skip’s exact dimensions. Otherwise, you may be forced to recruit someone else!

How much does a skip cost for a builder?

Due to the fact that our builder’s skip is available in a variety of sizes, the price of a builder’s skip may vary proportionally. A 6 yard skip is
approximately £90 to hire, whereas an 8 yard skip is approximately £200 to use.

How come there is such a difference? “you may inquire. To begin with, the cost of skip hire varies significantly depending on a variety of
criteria. You can find complete details on our skip hire costs page, but a few of the more significant influencers are as follows:

Ascertain that the price they quote you includes VAT on a skip. Not every business makes this clear up front, which can result in a bad
surprise later! If you come across an unusually low quote, it’s worth enquiring whether it includes VAT, as not all companies include this in
their original price.

How long am I permitted to rent a builder’s skip?

At CKB Skip Hire, our standard hire duration is approximately 14 days. However, not all skip hire firms provide the same services, so do
not assume anything and hire your skip without first investigating! We can even extend this period in specific circumstances if necessary.
Simply notify us well in advance!

What is the size of a builder’s skip?

The dimensions of a builder’s skip are listed below.We’ve provided all 6 yard and 8 yard skip sizes, as well as metric and imperial
dimensions for good measure (pun mercilessly intended).

Dimensions of a six-yard builder’s skip

Dimensions of an eight-yard builder’s skip

How much space does a builder’s skip have?

Even somewhat smaller builder’s skips are well-known for their superior capacity, which is a large part of why they are so popular with
household, commercial, and industrial clients.

As a general rule of thumb,

Obviously, providing a more precise response is difficult, as it is highly dependent on the type of rubbish you intend to fill your skip with.
Large, bulky debris such as bricks, hard core, or masonry will quickly fill it up, whereas smaller items such as home or garden waste will
take longer to fill.

What purposes should a builder’s skip serve?

As mentioned previously, builders’ skips are among the most common skip sizes in the entire United Kingdom. They reach the ideal
“Goldilocks” balance between being small enough to be placed on the majority of private land without causing a problem and being large
enough to accommodate all types of trash, from light and household to heavy and commercial.

The following is a brief overview of the kinds of jobs for which our customers find them most useful:

industrial or commercial use at home.

What am I allowed to put in a builder’s skip?

Builder’s skips can be used to dispose of virtually any form of garbage, as long as it is lawful to do so. In one of our skips, you can
properly dispose of the following items:

Waste from the garden

Waste generated during construction
Domestic waste

To learn what you cannot place in one of our skips, please read our blog post on what cannot be placed in a skip. As a general rule,
common hazardous waste is prohibited, which means that materials such as asbestos, liquid paint, plasterboard, and chemicals must be
disposed of in another location. Oh, and in case you’re curious, you’re not permitted to store your automobile in one.

Is a skip hire permit required for a builder’s skip?

Frequently, no. That is their allure! However, this is not a yes-or-no answer; you must determine for yourself. Whether or not you require a
skip hire permit is determined by the location of your skip. In brief, if you have sufficient space on your own private land”such as your
front lawn or driveway”you will not require a skip hire permit. If, on the other hand, you wish to place it on council land, such as a public
road or a parking suspension zone, you must obtain a permit from your local council. You can learn more about permits here!

Where can I rent a skip for a builder?

CKB Skip Hire is the direct source for all of your skip hire needs!It’s simple”we’ve simplified our operations to the basic essentials,
making hiring a skip easier and faster than ever before. Simply enter your postcode and contact details on our webpage and we’ll send
you a quick quote for skip hire. Thus, are you prepared to begin?

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