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6 Yard Skip

At a reasonable price, this skip offers a large enough volume to dispose of considerable quantities of garbage and heavy items that cannot fit in smaller skips. It is a common choice for both commercial and residential sectors in the UK. This machine is suitable for medium-sized projects and can handle a wide range oIts 1 metre shorter length makes it a good choice for driveways that are shorter in length as compared to an 8-yard skip.

What types of jobs can it be used for?

Extensions, garage or loft conversions, and new kitchens produce construction debris that is usually thrown away in an eight-yard skip by both DIY’ers and contractors.

Using it, we can also remove green garbage and heavy materials generated during landscaping, driveway, and gardening tasks.

Customers and landlords alike can use it for flat clearances, loft clearances, and estate clearances following bereavement. It can handle larger, bulkier garbage than a midi or small skip can.

Commercial and public-sector organizations use this method to dispose of excess inventory, trash from renovations, and unused office furniture and equipment.

We have other sizes such as 2 yard skip, 4 yard skip, 6 yard skip, 8 yard skip.

How much waste can it handle?

Approximately 70-80 ordinary black bin bags can fit into an 8-cubic-yard skip.

What is its size?

An eight-yard skip has the following dimensions:

The dimensions (approximately) are 3.1m long, 1.9m wide, and 1.6m tall (in metric).

There are approximately 10 feet 2 inches in length, 6 feet 3 inches in width, and 5 feet 3 inches in height.

Can I put any kind of waste in there?

Among the types of rubbish we are able to collect in our skips are household waste such as tree clippings, soil, and plant material, as well as heavy construction debris such as stone, roofing materials, bricks, and concrete (this is our largest skip size for such building-related waste). 

What types of waste are prohibited?

The general rubbish skip should not be used to dispose of paint, fuel, oils, mattresses, carpets, and electrical equipment. You cannot dispose of electrical devices in normal rubbish skips since they require special equipment for decommissioning (e.g. refrigerators, freezers, TVs, monitors).

The disposal of medical waste (syringes, blood tests, soiled diapers) and asbestos-containing (or suspected asbestos-containing) products is prohibited. If you have any questions before placing your items in the skip, please contact us. 


Is a council permit necessary?

A builder’s skip can typically fit onto most customers’ driveways or gardens, and we always recommend positioning it off-road wherever possible to avoid individuals throwing their own trash into your skip and “skip diving” and interfering with your load.

A skip permit is required if you do not have access to private land and must place your skip on the road (public highway) or other public land. You can obtain one and pay for it straight from your local government. This process can take up to two weeks, and you must seek approval before the skip is delivered or risk legal ramifications. When you place your order, be sure to allow enough time on the permit for you to complete your work comfortably before the skip is removed.

Ready to hire? Want a quote?

If our 8 cubic yard skips fit your requirements and you’d like a quote, please contact CKB Skip Hire at 0330 912 9966 and one of our friendly, professional staff will supply you with a free, no-obligation estimate and arrange for a skip to be delivered when you need it. We provide reasonable costs, on-time delivery, and quick lifts of full skips to ensure a hassle-free rental experience.

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