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2 Yard Skip

For businesses that only make a small amount of waste, the two-yard mini-skip is the best choice. Due to its low price, it is popular with people who are doing small renovations or clearing out small spaces. It is also used by people in the trade who need to get rid of a small amount of waste (like when a midi skip or builder’s skip is too much).

The small size also makes it easier for builders to fit into small driveways and yards than a standard skip. It can be used in many ways at the same time.

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What type of jobs does it suit best?

This model is often used by people who live in their own homes to get rid of things like hedge cuttings, tree trimmings, soil, and plants. When DIY projects don’t go as planned, it’s also used to get rid of the waste.

Small gardening projects as well as the removal of old materials like mulch, chips, gravel, and stones are done by two yards.

When builders only need to do a small amount of work, like clearing away a small amount of debris or brick after a repair, they also use this size. There may be gardening, cleaning up, and DIY projects, as well as some small construction, going on at the same time as the party. Hedge trimming and tree pruning are good examples of this. You can also do small DIY projects like restoring an old house or cleaning out a closet or box room to make them look like new. Because it is small, it is good for people who have little space in their homes.

They use this service to get rid of small amounts of waste, like flattened boxes and cartons, archive materials that no longer need to be kept or broken furniture that they don’t want to keep piling up on or outside their businesses.

We have the following skip sizes – 2 yard4 yard –  6 yard8 yard

How much waste can it handle?

If you buy a 2 cubic yard skip, it can hold about 20-30 standard black bin bags.

It’s what size.

The size of a two-yard skip is:

This is how it looks in Metric: 1.2 metres long by 0.9 metres wide by 0.76 metres high (approximately)

This is how it looks in imperial: 4 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 2 feet high (approximately)

Is it okay to put any kind of waste in there?

Among the types of waste these skips can handle are general household waste, light commercial waste like paper and cardboard, green waste from gardening like soil, hedges and tree cuttings, and construction waste like timber, metal and concrete from groundworks and building projects. These skips can also be used for recycling.

It’s not just the two-yard one. We have four-yard, six-yard, and eight-yard skips.

What types of waste cannot be disposed of?

For health and safety reasons, some things can’t be thrown away in our two cubic yard skips. A lot of liquids, like paint and oil. Gas canisters and aerosols. Electrical waste and appliances that need to be thrown away by a professional. Food waste, especially meat. Asbestos. Car tyres and batteries. Large amounts of plasterboard and carpet. Mattresses. If you have any questions, please call us before you put anything in the skip.

Does a permit have to be obtained?

Due to its small size, we can usually fit a 2-cubic yard skip on most driveways or gardens. We recommend putting it off the road whenever possible so it doesn’t get dumped in by other people and doesn’t spill over into your yard.

If your skip can’t be placed on private land and must be placed on a public road or other public area, you will need a permit. In order for the client to get one from their local government in advance, they must do that first. If you don’t get permission before the skip is delivered, you could face a lot of money in fines. This can take up to two weeks. To avoid having to remove a skip before the permit is over, make sure you have enough time on the permit.

If you go to the Clackmannanshire Council website, you can find out about fees and rules for parking a skip on the road.

Ready to hire? Want a quote?

To get a price for one of our 2 cubic yard skips, call CKB Skip Hire at 0330 912 9966 . One of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will give you a free, non-binding estimate and set up a time for a skip to be delivered when you need it. To make renting a skip as easy as possible, we offer low prices, quick delivery, and quick lifts of loaded skips. One of our friendly, knowledgeable employees will give you a free, no-obligation quote and set up a time for a skip to be delivered when you need it. To make renting a skip as easy as possible, we offer low prices, quick delivery, and quick lifts of loaded skips.

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